BRAZILIANS & BROWS is a private studio dedicated to sugaring & waxing. Hair removal is intimidating, we get it! Our  goal is to help you realize the benefits of hair removal in a fun environment. We provide a comfortable, professional experience with conversation to distract. Anyone who has hair where he/she doesn’t want it, we can help. Do you know a tween blessed with a uni-brow? Does shaving hurt & leave you frustrated? Are you starting to get those pesky coarse hair on your lip & chin? Need your morning routine to take less time? No matter the reason, we got you.

Who started this place? Me, Amanda! I have been a Licensed Esthetician since 2008. I started out thinking I would enjoy giving nice relaxing facials with a lot of massage included. And I do enjoy these still today. But as I started honing my skills in the field I unexpectedly realized how much I enjoy hair removal. No, not because I could take out my troubles on clients (I actually pride myself on being quick, thorough & making your experience great). Hair removal was actually helping clients; no more razor burn, no more prickly hairs, no daily maintenance. Plus your hair gets thinner & sparser over time. You feel confident. 

In 2018 I discovered Sugaring. A method of hair removal that is less uncomfortable, yields better results & is chemical-free. I was sold! (I am the make my own cleaning products, buy organic, be yourself type.) Full disclosure, when I started sugaring, I was not good... at all. I wanted to be good. After many hours of practice on kind models, a few more certification classes & networking with any other Sugarista possible I have sugar confidence. 

Sugaring lead me to make the leap to opening a space that was focused on hair removal, BRAZILIANS & BROWS. No more walking through a salon & feeling like everyone knows what service you just had. Brazilians are the most popular service, but no one needs to know your business. If you are at BRAZILIANS & BROWS you know the other clients get it. Hair removal is awesome! 

When not sugaring the day away I can be found with my love Darin & son Jax, on our hobby farm, reading a book , or cooking up new flavors. All while three donkey frolic in the pasture. 

PS. I love getting to know you




1400 E Pugh Dr, Suite 9 Kenbell Plaza, Terre Haute, Indiana 47802, United States

(812) 239-1114


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11:30 am – 08:00 pm